We provide a research "engine" for ad agencies and consultancies as well as working directly with brands.  As comfortable presenting to the CEO or supporting the team’s junior exec.

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3 ways of  working


Research Engine

  • Your integrated project partner
  • Expand your "in-house" team as you need with design, fieldwork and data analysis capabilities
  • Supporting consultancies and ad agencies

End to end

  • Your independent research provider
  • Delivering all elements of the project from design to delivery including fieldwork, analysis and reporting
  • Working directly for brand owners


  • Specific expertise or guidance
  • Problem definition & solution
  • Consolidation of multiple data sources and inputs

Clever by design

Behaviour change approach

What people say they will do in research is not necessarily what they will actually do in real life. This does not mean that respondents are consciously lying. They may claim best intentions which are unfulfilled (e.g. about recycling) or reject a price increase even when they will continue to buy a product they are habitually bound to (e.g. fibre internet). By using behaviourally driven questions and understanding the biases in play we can account for these factors.

Behavior change questions - Biznography
Structuring interview Biznography

Structuring interview flow for success

Respondents are humans and retaining their attention over up to twenty minutes of a survey can be hard. It may seem obvious, but the most important questions should be placed as early as possible in the flow of the survey.  This is to ensure the greatest engagement while the respondent is still fresh.  Less important questions, such as background profiling, can be placed at the back.

Smarter open-ended questions

Open ended questions can help bring data to life but too many opens can wear out respondents impacting quality, so we use them wisely.  One solution is to use quant response filters to ask more relevant open ends e.g. asking either likes or dislikes based on response to appeal not both.

Quality trumps quantity so, for more exploratory and expansive opinion-based opens it is often more useful to ask each participant one meaty open-end from a selection of three or four than ask everything of everyone.

Smart open ended questions
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