Could accountants be the SME heroes of Covid-19?

First published in Accountancy Today, June 2020 Biznography research of 1000 UK SMEs, found:

  • 59% of SMEs rate the level of support received from their accountant as quite or very good (versus an average of 52% for other service providers)
  • Almost all (97%) of those SMEs attempting to reach their accountant by phone  were successful (versus an average of 85%)
  • Half (53%) agree that their accountant proactively helped with cost cutting / cashflow measures to help their business survive in response to Covid-19  (versus an average of 40%)

    You can see the original article here: https://www.accountancytoday.co.uk/2020/06/29/could-accountants-be-the-sme-heroes-of-covid-19/


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